Study Abroad Administrative Support

250,000円 - 350,000円 Monthly 毎月
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  • 2月 08, 2024
Full time 正社員 Administrative 管理 Consulting コンサルティング Customer Service 顧客サービス Education 教育 Entry Level 入門レベル

Job Description 仕事内容


Our client provides consulting and planning services for study abroad and working holiday programs. They provide a wide range of support from pre-study abroad preparation (English, education, documentation) and following-up during the trip to post-study career consultation after returning home.

As a member of the study abroad support team, you will be helping students with their educational and personal goals to study abroad and experience the chance of a lifetime.

《 Job Description》
As a “Study abroad support” team member, we will entrust you with the following tasks:
・Contact with existing overseas university/language school partners
・Contact new overseas university/language schools
・Various visa application procedures (USA, Canada, UK, and more)
・Homestay and dormitory accommodation applications
・Creation and organization of materials and tools within the company
・Research new schools, universities, and various programs such as summer program

《Type of people we look for》
・Experience studying abroad or working holiday program for over 6 months
・Experience in using Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, and One Drive
・Experience in using Google Workspace such as Docs, Spreadsheet, Gmail, and Google Drive
・Those who can quickly research information written in English and can summarize quickly
・Communication skills such as telephone and writing business emails in English
・Able to encourage and inspire others to reach their goals
・A great team player who can communicate well and execute tasks on time

《Required skills/experiences》
・Study and live abroad experience
・General PC skills (PPT/Excel/Word)
・Desk work experience (abroad is OK)
・For non-native Japanese speakers:
TOEIC 800 or higher
JLPT N2 or higher
・Work experience in Japan (part-time is OK)
・For native Japanese speakers: TOEIC 750 or higher
※ Please state the skills you have above when applying.
If you have any other skills comparable to the above, please let us know.

《Working Hours》
Complete a five-day work system (fixed days off, negotiable for possible days off of the week)
Monday - Friday - 10:00-19:00 (1-hour break)
Saturday & Sunday - 10:00-19:00 (1-hour break)
※ 8 hours a day x 5 days a week = 40 hours a week - occasional overtime work may be needed depending on the number of applications (20 hours approximately).

《Work location》
※ We are planning a relocation to a new office from July 2023.
Current address: Tokyo Shinjuku 
Access: 1-minute walk from Higashi-Shinjuku Station (Exit A3) on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and Toei Oedo Line.

《Annual holidays》
・Annual holidays: 130-145 annual days off
130 days after 6 months of employment: 111 days off per year + 10 days paid vacation + 9 days special paid vacation
Up to 145 days after 3 years of work: 111 days off per year + 20 days paid vacation + 14 days special paid vacation
・After the trial period fixed days off, negotiable for possible days off of the week
・Available to take consecutive vacations for 5+days

・Salary raise (twice a year) - based on your performance & company’s evaluation system
・Bonus (twice a year) - based on your performance & company’s evaluation system
・First 6 months of a trial period, during this period 1-month employment contract will be signed every month. After a trial period of 6 months, If both parties agree, we will promote you to a permanent position. *Depending on your performance we can consider the possibility to promote you to a permanent position earlier than 6 months.
・Full payment of transportation expenses
・Social insurance (can be applied if conditions are met)
Health insurance: Yes
Employee pension: Yes
Employment insurance: Yes
Worker's accident compensation insurance: Yes
・Devices such as PCs and mobile phones, office equipment, etc., will be provided as needed.
・Available to take consecutive vacations for 5+days
・New Year Holiday
・Paid leave (statutory paid leave, special paid leave)
・Condolence leave
・Maternity and childcare leave