Project Coordinator / Business Analyst | プロジェクトコーディネーター / ビジネスアナリスト

3,500,000円 - 4,500,000円 Yearly 毎年
  • Westbrook Ltd. 西川株式会社
  • 日本、東京都千代田区内幸町1丁目1
  • 2月 02, 2024
Full time 正社員 Administrative 管理 Business Development 事業開発 Customer Service 顧客サービス Entry Level 入門レベル General Business 一般事業

Job Description 仕事内容

 Company Overview: Global start-up consulting company focused on overseas clients doing business in Japan. Well-funded and has a growing list of clients, mostly from Asia but mainly dealing with Chinese-speaking business owners.

Services offered:

  • Investment Management and Consulting
  • Data Analysts and Market Research
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Medical Services Consultation
  • Client Hosting

Responsibilities: You will be working directly with the Project Team Leader on current projects and will report directly to the Office Manager and President. You will be reaching out to various organizations in Japan and APAC.

You will be working with the business support team providing client support in 4 areas: Market research, real estate, medical care, and client hosting.

Market Research: You will provide comprehensive research and step-by-step guidance in forming a viable business venture.

Real Estate: You will research properties that fit your client's specifications. You will also contact rental agencies in Japan and relay that information to your clients.

Medical Care: You will provide customized consultations, along with all the requisite translation work. You will research the best specialist/hospital for various medical procedures depending on the client's request.

Client Hosting: You will manage all reservations, transport, and translation associated with the client’s trip, in addition to other professional services.


  • Has solid business, hospitality and/or customer service experience dealing with overseas clients
  • Must be bilingual: Native level Japanese speaker with business-level English or native English speaker with business-level Japanese. (Chinese is a plus)
  • Interested to work in a diverse, multi-cultural work environment.
  • Japanese Driver’s License (a plus)
  • The ideal person needs to be very pro-active and be able to multi-task but also work independently and in a team