IT Consulting Engineer - L2

4,000,000円 - 6,000,000円 Yearly 毎年
  • Sentree 株式会社
  • Hybrid (Shibuya, 東京都 日本)
  • 2月 01, 2024
Full time 正社員 Consulting コンサルティング Technology テクノロジー

Job Description 仕事内容

Unlock your full potential in a dynamic environment, collaborate with experienced mentors, and watch your career soar!

Diverse and Dynamic Environment: At Sentree, we offer our consultants an engaging work environment with the opportunity to work on multiple organizations' networks, each having its unique set of requirements. This allows you to consistently challenge and enhance your skills.

Support and Resources for Growth: We pair you with experienced consultants who are committed to your professional growth. We provide the resources and support you as you advance in your career. This makes our company an ideal place for those who are eager to take their career to new heights.


Sentree K.K. has an opening for an Apple-focused IT Consulting Engineer in Tokyo, Japan, who can perform the daily tasks required to ensure client sites are properly serviced and maintained in an efficient, professional, and expert manner. Staying ahead of the curve requires a systematic approach to ensure information technology initiatives are well planned, executed, and adopted across our client base. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Support and Maintenance Client IT

  • Execute Project Delivery

  • R&D for New Services and Techniques

  • Completion of Documentation

  • Adhere to and held develop Standards

  • Continue Professional Development

  • Provide Trustworthy Service

Daily Responsibilities

  • Ensure client sites are properly serviced and maintained

  • Ensure tasks are performed according to company standards and expected quality

  • Identify and mitigate any issues or risks that arise

  • Exercise a consulting mindset and expertise

  • Schedule regular meetings with clients, deliver status reports and updates

  • Monitor client services, prioritize, and offer important services

  • Working with the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and scorecards

  • Create and manage internal and external project briefs

  • Maintain various administrative worksheets (checklists, time sheets, billable forecast)

  • Daily stand-ups with team members

  • Weekly check ins with the Operations Manager

  • Attend Weekly Level 10 Meetings prepared to contribute and be proactive

General Requirements

  • Minimum Experience Level: Over 1 year

  • Career Level: Entry/Mid Level

  • Minimum Education Level: Technical / Vocational College

  • Visa Status: Permission to work in Japan required


Required Skills:

  • Technical IT troubleshooting experience, Help Desk and SysAdmin levels including deep experience with macOS and iOS.

  • Ability to visually document system setup so other system admins can efficiently troubleshoot a system in your absence.

  • Able to architect and deploy Mobile Device Management Systems using Mosyle, Jamf, Addigy, and similar tools as per Apple’s recent best practices

  • Ability to design robust Wi-Fi networks using Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Extreme, Aruba, and similar tools

Preference given to candidates with the following soft skills:

  • Prior experience as in independent consultant and as a member of an IT team

  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to work individually and in a team environment collaboratively

  • Able to communicate effectively, build credibility and trust, analyze people's problems, make decisions, and learn continuously

  • Capable of coordinating multiple efforts simultaneously 

  • Comfortable creating internal and public facing video highlighting security best practices, trust building profiles on staff to better connect with our clients in a professional manner

  • Creation of easy to understand “how to” documentation as a self-help resource for users

  • Familiarity with Agile work processes and project management

Preference given to candidates with the following technical skills:

  • Ability to troubleshoot and recover macOS running on Apple Silicon and Intel chipsets

  • Familiarity with Windows 10 and 11 under Active Directory

  • Comfort with scripting and command-line functions

  • Ability to architect and configure cloud email and document storage using Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and similar tools.

  • Able to install and setup computer and network hardware

  • Managing configuring internet connectivity and UTM appliances


Three approaches our Consultants are expected to take when working with our clients:

  1. Giving advice - looking through a client’s business to find and make recommendations for performance and security improvements.

  2. Delivery of Services -  help deliver the performance and security improvement outcomes our clients need and want.

  3. Review or audit - examine our client’s approach to business function or serving as an architect for a complex IT system.

You’ll need five specific characteristics:

  1. An ability to quickly and accurately understand what’s happening.

  2. A caring about the welfare of our client’s business and the clients themselves.

  3. Have the ability to assess and deal with the human needs of our clients.

  4. Technical depth and experience in a variety of environments.

  5. Tenacity and an ability to deal with many different issues, circumstances, and personalities.

Language Skill Requirements:

English:  Professional level written & verbal communication skills in English.
Japanese:  Business level verbal communication skills in Japanese.