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KPI Manager

KPI Manager is sales gamification software tool for recruitment agencies and helps incentivize and motivate recruiters to remain productive, keeping activity at a high level. The software is very easy to use and acts as a bolt on tool and can easily add on to your existing CRM or ATS system. It can compliment any existing workflow and helps to maintain morale and boost retention and impact your bottom line with increased billings.



Career Scout Japan K.K. (CSJ) is a highly specialized recruiting firm servicing small & medium-sized (SME) foreign capital companies across a wide range of industries in Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba). Their core focus is purely on the Accounting & Finance, Supply Chain, and Human Resource sectors.


Smarter Faster Games K.K.

Corporate Training can be a laborious, expensive process with little return or results. Smarter Faster Games has developed a framework using industry best practices to use gamification when it comes to business training. We make use of facilitation best use case strategies, being acutely aware of the training objectives businesses have when it comes to recruitment training as well as negotiation training. Our corporate training tools are available in English and can be translated into any language as needed.