Featured Companies 注目の企業

Sentree K.K.

Sentree K.K. is a growing IT company based in Tokyo, Japan working with a range of exciting multi-national clients such as award-winning architects, video production companies, product designers, interior designers, private schools, and ad agencies. We help get technology out of the way so clients can focus on their creative business vision and provide a reliable, trustworthy technology foundation upon which creative business leaders can build winning teams. 



Woven by Toyota

We had the pleasure to interview Timothy Trahan, Senior Technical Recruiter at Woven by Toyota at his office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo recently. Tim shared his experience working as an in-house recruiter at Woven by Toyota and their unique culture around hiring the right people for their mission and purpose, particularly focused on creating something new and the Woven City Project.



Porters Corporation





Career Scout Japan K.K. (CSJ) is a highly specialized recruiting firm servicing small & medium-sized (SME) foreign capital companies across a wide range of industries in Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba). Their core focus is purely on the Accounting & Finance, Supply Chain, and Human Resource sectors.