RE Japan

Recruitment Entrepreneur is one of the most successful private equity investors in recruitment businesses. Our mission is to help founders globally, launch, scale, and eventually exit their own recruitment businesses, generating a wealth creation event. We invest in all sectors within the recruitment industry, which provides a diverse portfolio of businesses, each one a specialist in its own niche. We have fostered a community of businesses that benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team who provide; funding, financial expertise, operational strategy, back-office support, legal advice, marketing, and talent attraction solutions, all of which enable our partner businesses to flourish.



What does the RE Japan platform provide? The Recruitment Entrepreneur platform provides the following support:

Funding: Initial seed capital, other financial-related support as well as payroll, credit control, accounting, budget forecasting, etc.

Mentoring & Strategy: All of the partners in our portfolio benefit from the leadership advice, not only from James, but also from the whole international team that can be local, regional and also from the UK. So there's no shortage of coaching and leadership available to all of our partners.

Marketing & Branding: We provide great support for all of the partners we get behind, so everything from choosing the company, name branding, you know, designing the website, growing your social media audiences.

Tech & Infrastructure: We've invested in world-class, fully integrated CRM's and back-office technology platforms to support all of the recruitment and marketing activities with our partners.

Operations & Back-Office: We have a dedicated operations function to support all the businesses that we back and we can negotiate group deals with key suppliers.

Legal Expertise: We provide legal support from establishing the company to acquiring the licenses and helping them become an official entity.

Learning & Development: All the consultants within our portfolio businesses receive tailored training from recruitment experts and leadership training is always provided to ensure that they can be the best recruiters possible.

Talent Attraction: We assist all of the portfolio partners in attracting the top talent in the markets, utilising our extensive market network to help you make the best hires that may perhaps be out of reach, usually for a start-up.


The reality is there's a whole suite of services that we plug in to all of our recruitment partners. Anything we can do to make to grow their businesses and make them achieve sustained growth over the long term, we're happy to contribute towards. Reach out to Daniel McGrath directly to speak about this platform and your vision: