Tasking Japan

Tasking is an automotive component maker focused on embedded safety components. They are well-positioned in a niche market and support Tier 1 and 2 automotive manufacturers with high quality products to ensure the safety of drivers.  The company has over 200 employees globally and are steadily growing.  The operations in Japan is still small but they have a good market share and existing clients for the Japan market.  

The foundation of every electronics system in today’s advanced vehicle systems begins with a focus on safety. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) builds upon this foundation, helping a driver to anticipate and avoid collisions with rapid analysis and predictive systems. These systems depend upon their interaction with the driver and require powerful microcontrollers for successful application.

With TASKING, staying in full compliance with industry-leading certification standards such as ISO 26262 is easy with our sophisticated microcontroller compilers for advanced automotive applications. All TASKING development tools are used and supported by a diverse range of companies who offer complementary products including real-time operating systems, human interface interaction devices, and middleware components.