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How to Implement a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)

How to Implement a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)

Not many people are familiar with the talent management philosophy ROWE (Results Only Work Environment), which was created by Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler in 2013 but many companies across the globe have had success implementing the principles.  One of the companies that has had success in applying the ROWE principles is Randstad Professionals Japan. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kunihito Hagito, Director of Randstad Professionals, Technology Team who has first-hand experience implementing and perfecting the ROWE principals for his team (view the full interview here). 

With Loss Comes Growth

Kunihito explained that implementing ROWE principles into a traditional KPI-driven recruitment industry was not easy and he admits he lost some people along the way but that is expected when implementing a change management process like ROWE.  However, once the people that stayed started to understand the principles and apply them, they started to see results and not just small ones, but large and consistent trends which helped grow not only revenue and the business but careers as well.  Kunihito’s team went from only a couple consultants in the beginning to now over 20 people, all who understand and practice ROWE principles and manage their own workflow.


Replacing Complacency With Competence

ROWE is not a quick fix gimmick to motivating people by pressure or micro-management but instead a transformational management philosophy that allows for employees to have 100% autonomy and 100% accountability reinforced with the understanding of expectations based on measurable results from day one.  It is a management tool that can replace complacency with competence and confidence. Once the ideas and concepts are in place, the results start to become apparent.  


Think Like an Entrepreneur        

Some of the basic principles of ROWE reflect what most entrepreneurs already know.  If you want autonomy, you need to be accountable for the results and results don’t happen without hard work. Hard work still means something (believe it or not) and for people that are not willing to dedicate the time needed to achieve their goals, they won’t make it.  That’s what ROWE is all about.  It is not about someone else telling you to do something. It is about you telling yourself to do something.  This is where the principal becomes very relevant.

One of the core traits that Kunihito mentioned that people need if they want to join his team is grit.  I had not heard that word in a long time and it was great to hear that word again and see the people on his team actually have it in addition to humbleness, focus and a desire to succeed. 


For anyone interested in learning more about Randstad Professionals and joining the Technology Team, reach out to Kunihito directly or check out some of the open positions here:


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